Eleanor Calder Facts

Hello lovelies :) We are Ahriel (20) and Rita (20) and we are from Spain and Portugal.
We love Eleanor Jane Calder and we are here to help you to know her better :) We also post edits ♥
We don't personally know Eleanor and we are NOT the real Els.
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Here’s the Frequently ask questions about Eleanor Calder :) 

Name: Eleanor Jane Calder

Age and Birthday: She’s 21 . [16th July 1992]

Weight: 56 Kg (This data may not be exact)

Height: 5’7 feet (1.74 m) (This data may not be exact)

Does she smokes? She used to smoke socially, but now she does it way less often :) 

Where does she lives? She lives in Manchester when she’s studying and London when she’s in Holidays. However, she has always lived in London and attended St. Marylebone there.

How Louis and Eleanor met?  Harry has a friend in common (Possibly Alana J Burton) with Eleanor and he set them up on a date, and… voilà, it was love at first sight.

What does she study and where? She studies Politics and Sociology at The Manchester University.

How long Eleanor and Louis have been dating? They actually don’t know the exact day but we can tell that we started dating around August or September of 2011. UPDATE: Louis twitted that their anniversary was on November, 17th, so I guess they made it official that day :) x