Eleanor Calder Facts

Hello lovelies :) We are Ahriel (20) and Rita (20) and we are from Spain and Portugal.
We love Eleanor Jane Calder and we are here to help you to know her better :) We also post edits ♥
We don't personally know Eleanor and we are NOT the real Els.
Twitter: @EleanorFacts


Just STOP this stupid hate between Elounor shippers and Larry Shippers, PLEASE! It’s stupid, it’s pretty clear that both fandoms are not going to change their opinions. 

If you HATE don’t tag. Sometimes Ignorance can be a friend. 

Don’t sent HATE to Eleanor or Harry, they BOTH don’t deserve it, It’s just between the fans, our opinions. Real life can be VERY different from what we know. 

And time will prove us wrong. Maybe Larry is real, or not. Maybe Eleanor is real or not. It’s their private life, so as we are, RESPECT IT. 

Just stop with this MASSIVE HATE, and death threats which are HORRIBLE. 

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