Eleanor Calder Facts

Hello lovelies :) We are Ahriel (20) and Rita (20) and we are from Spain and Portugal.
We love Eleanor Jane Calder and we are here to help you to know her better :) We also post edits ♥
We don't personally know Eleanor and we are NOT the real Els.
Twitter: @EleanorFacts


I’ll explain this RUMOUR that is all over Tumblr and twitter lately. Eleanor Calder DOES NOT HAVE A TWIN SISTER CALLED TINA or any other possible name.

SHE DOESN’T SWITCH PLACES WITH HER TWIN WITH LOUIS and you can sometimes be confused cause when the papz or fans get pictures of El, her face looks different, but it’s still the same person, IT’S ELEANOR JANE CALDER, IT’S ALWAYS been her and it’ll always be her and not anybody else.

That supposed twin is one of her BEST friends, Talisha Laura Greenwood (don’t call me a stalker LOL) here’s her twitter .

She and Eleanor went to St. Marylebone together along with Sana Shirvani, Portia Okotcha and others. She has short hair and heart shaped face, in some pictures, Talisha looks like Eleanor A LOT but that doesn’t mean they are twins :)

You can have the same facial expression as your friend and not be related.

This is a collage I made recently with the polemic pic and others photos of Els and Talisha together. #EleanorFacts 

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